Qualified for the Future


Qualified for the Future describes the work we're doing to shape new qualifications to support the Curriculum for Wales and meet the needs of future learners. We're aiming for qualifications that:  

  • command public confidence in Wales, the UK and globally   
  • secure an equitable, coherent and bilingual choice for schools and learners 
  • make the most of digital technology
  • can be introduced in a managed and sustainable way

Arrangements for school evaluation, improvement and accountability are also changing. School performance will be evaluated based on a broad and balanced range of evidence, with less exclusive emphasis on qualification results. This gives more freedom to prioritise the needs of learners when designing new qualifications to support the Curriculum for Wales.  

Our approach

Using a process known as ‘co-creation’, we've been collaborating closely with teachers, learners, expert advisers, and others who rely on qualification outcomes, including employers, colleges, training providers and universities.

The starting point for developing the proposals for each qualification was the Curriculum for Wales Framework, which sets out the requirements and guidance that schools must follow when designing their own broad and balanced curriculum. Central to the whole framework is the aspiration for every child and young person to realise the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales.


Made-for-Wales GCSEs

In autumn-winter 2022, we ran a wide-ranging consultation on proposals for new Made-for-Wales GCSEs. We consulted on proposals for 26 separate qualifications grouped around the six areas of learning and experience of the Curriculum for Wales. On 28 June we published our decisions after analysing your responses to this consultation. To read the decisions, please visit Made-for-Wales GCSEs.

The Full 14-16 Qualifications Offer

We also ran a Qualified for the Future consultation to seek feedback on three proposals for qualifications that will sit alongside GCSEs to form what we call the Full 14-16 Qualifications Offer. This will provide qualifications that support the breadth of Curriculum for Wales and prepare learners for work and life. 

The consultation ran on our  Have Your Say platform until 14 June and is now closed. Decisions will be published in January 2024.

We took an in-depth look at hundreds of current qualifications - from entry level and up - covering and a wide range of subjects such as the World of Work, Financial Capability, Careers Development, Equality and Diversity, Food Safety, Essential Skills, Sport and First Aid.