Regulation & Reform


Qualifications Wales regulates qualifications, other than degrees, in Wales. We are an independent statutory body and are accountable to the people of Wales through Senedd Cymru. We work closely with the other organisations involved in qualifications, respecting our distinct roles.

That is how, together, we shape qualifications that are genuinely Made-for-Wales and designed to meet the specific needs of both our learners and our economy.


Awarding bodies are responsible for the delivery of their qualifications. Once recognised by us for delivery of qualifications in Wales, an awarding body must comply with the rules that we set. We work closely with awarding bodies to provide a regulatory framework that is intended to minimise failures and protect learners' interests.

As a regulator we set the rules that awarding bodies must meet to be recognised here in Wales. Those rules are intended to ensure that qualifications accurately reflect learners' knowledge and understanding. We monitor their work against these rules, which cover matters such as assessment standards, external quality-assurance and the guidance provided to centres.

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From September 2022, with the introduction of the new curriculum, schools can tailor their teaching and learning so it is relevant to learners, and their local needs and circumstances. As the curriculum changes, so will qualifications.

We are working with a range of stakeholders - including lecturers, examiners, parents, employers, learned and professional bodies, subject interest groups, universities and further education colleges - to design, develop and then deliver world-class qualifications. This works forms the backbone of our Qualified for the Future project.

Most recently, this work includes the creation of a suite of new Made-for-Wales GCSEs and other pre-16 qualifications - which we call the Full 14-16 Offer.


Vocational qualifications make up over 90% of the regulated qualifications available in Wales and should reflect the skills that employers need. Our sector reviews form the backbone of our work with vocational qualifications, allowing us to focus on qualifications within particular employment sectors.

We also want to give schools and colleges across Wales a coherent and inclusive choice of bilingual qualifications that supports their own curriculum and meets the needs of their learners.

Research & Statistics

Our decisions are informed by evidence and data. Our own research and statistics team produce much of this information and commission independent research. We share information on qualifications in Wales with anyone interested in how the system works and is performing. 

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