Mark schemes in knowledge-based qualifications


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Mark schemes in knowledge-based qualifications

An interactive, good-practice guide on mark schemes.

Qualifications Wales has worked with AlphaPlus consultancy to produce a good practice guide on mark schemes. 

The main purpose of Mark Schemes in Knowledge-based Qualifications: A Good Practice Guide is to support qualifications developers and assessors when designing, developing and reviewing mark schemes. It is not a regulatory document but is intended to be helpful to awarding bodies and to complement their existing qualification development processes.

It is designed to be a practical, interactive tool which will help qualifications developers and assessors to consider some of the key principles that underpin different types of knowledge-based mark schemes. It also identifies some of the key issues with mark schemes that can affect the validity and reliability of an assessment.

The content within the guide has been informed by a research report by AlphaPlus into the features of effective mark schemes in knowledge-based qualifications. The full AlphaPlus report is also available to download here.

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