The Institute of British Sign Language (iBSL) surrenders Qualifications Wales recognition

iBSL is no longer a Qualifications Wales recognised awarding body

The Institute of British Sign Language (‘iBSL’) has surrendered its status as a Qualifications Wales-recognised awarding body. 

iBSL informed Qualifications Wales in January 2023 of its intention to surrender recognition in respect of all of its regulated qualifications. This is in view of iBSL’s decision to cease trading. The surrender will take effect from Friday 3 March 2023.

Qualifications Wales has been working closely with iBSL to protect the interests of students. Qualifications Wales has put in place arrangements (called saving and transitional provisions) that allow iBSL to continue to issue results and certificates to students after 3 March 2023, if they have a valid entitlement, while it continues to trade. Qualifications awarded under these arrangements will remain Qualifications Wales-regulated qualifications.

Qualifications Wales has also imposed Special Conditions on iBSL in order to protect the interests of its existing and potential students. iBSL is not permitted to register any new students to take its qualifications. Centres should not enrol any new students on courses for iBSL qualifications.

iBSL informed Qualifications Wales that on 17 April 2023 it would stop operating. Qualifications Wales has therefore given notice to iBSL that the arrangements that Qualifications Wales had put in place (called saving and transitional provisions) to allow iBSL to continue to issue results and certificates to students would come to an end after that date. From 18 April 2023, iBSL is no longer subject to the Standard Conditions of Recognition or any Special Conditions and cannot award Qualifications Wales regulated qualifications. Students should contact their training provider for further information.