Employers urged to play their part in shaping future skills qualifications

Qualifications Wales is looking forward to hosting an employer-focused event on Monday 5 June at Coleg Y Cymoedd’s Ystrad Mynach campus.

We're looking forward to hosting an employer-focused event on Monday 5 June at Coleg Y Cymoedd’s Ystrad Mynach campus. This is a timely opportunity for us to talk to employers about our consultation proposals on 14-16 qualifications and skills.

We're is excited about involving employers from a range of sectors in a discussion on three proposals which will support learners to access Skills for Life and Skills for Work qualifications.

With guest speakers from local employers and an expert discussion panel - including the Federation of Small Businesses, Ogi, Admiral, and Coleg Y Cymoedd – businesses across the region will get into the importance of qualifications and softer skills in their recruitment practices and workplaces. They will also get a chance to talk about how they want to help shape a qualifications offer that supports young people to gain these employability skills whilst at school.

There will be an opportunity for employers to discuss their thoughts on the proposals for a Skills Suite with units in Skills for Life, Skills for Work, and an Integral Skills Project qualification along with Pre-vocational and Foundation qualifications – exploring whether these proposed qualifications meet the needs of their future workforce.

This consultation, which closes on 14 June 2023, is a unique opportunity for employers to make a meaningful impact on the success of the next generation and nurture the talent and skills they want to see in their future employees.

Joining Qualifications Wales at the event will be:

  • Jonathan Morgan, Principal and Chief Executive of Coleg Y Cymoedd
  • Gwyneth Sweatman, Head of Communications in Wales for the Federation of Small Businesses
  • Louise Mumford, Learning and Development Specialist at Ogi
  • Kyle Meacock, Senior Talent Partner at Admiral Group

Louise Mumford, Learning and Development Specialist from Ogi, said:

“Ogi has grown from a team of 20 to 200 in two years. We’re fast-moving and recruiting the very best talent, based on skills and experience, is clearly crucial. Some of our roles are highly technical and qualifications obviously matter. But we also have a strong brand and culture and employing well-rounded individuals with the right soft skills is also fundamental if we are to stand-out and provide a unique service to our customers. We therefore welcome the emphasis placed in Wales on ensuring young people have the holistic skills they need as individuals, we need as businesses, and that the Welsh economy also needs for a more prosperous future.”

Cassy Taylor, Director of Qualifications Policy and Reform at Qualifications Wales, commented:

“Employers are a key stakeholder in our Full 14-16 Qualifications Offer consultation. We’re aiming to provide qualifications that prepare young people for life, learning and work, so these qualifications must reflect the needs of businesses in Wales. We want to hear employers’ views on our proposals for an exciting new range of Skills for Work and Skills for Life qualifications, and this event will be a wonderful opportunity to engage with professionals from a variety of sectors.”

Jonathan Morgan, Principal and Chief Executive of Coleg Y Cymoedd, said:  What qualifications and skills learners leave school with has a huge impact on what and how they learn in FE. We have 10,000 learners at Coleg Y Cymoedd and our ethos, passionate staff and relevant industry links, has a rich history of producing award-winning learners and creating employment opportunities for learners across the provision.

Introducing a qualifications offer at 14-16 that provides opportunities for learners to access skills for life and work and a pre-vocational taster at a younger age is a positive. Our 1200 employers that we work in partnership with are asking for softer skills and wider work skills to support them with their business skills need. This is why we are happy to play our part in working with Qualifications Wales and industry to get the offer right for young people in our area and across Wales.

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