If you haven't heard of Qualifications Wales before, we work closely with Welsh Government and others, to make sure that qualifications meet your needs, and promote confidence in the qualifications system.

We regulate awarding bodies who develop and deliver the following qualifications in Wales:

Qualifications levels

Qualifications Wales regulates all qualifications in Wales offered by recognised awarding bodies, other than degrees. It's important for you to know what level a qualification is, so that you can understand how it can help you with your next steps into work, or further study.

Across the UK, most qualifications taken at school, further education college, work or university fit into one of nine levels (12 in Scotland). The higher the level, the harder the qualification. Qualifications at the same level can be very different in terms of content and the length of time they take to complete.

The Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales provides a common currency for learning achievement for learners in Wales, of all ages and abilities. There are similar frameworks in each of the UK nations.

CQFW Framework graphic



Exams and assessments 2023-24

This academic year, we are taking the last step on our journey back to pre-pandemic arrangements for qualifications in Wales.  

In this dedicated exams and assessments 2023-24 section, you will find everything you need to know about the arrangements for exams and assessments this academic year.


Summer 2023 Results

As the independent regulator of qualifications in Wales, one of our key activities is to oversee the awarding of GCSE, AS and A level qualifications, Skills Challenge Certificates and vocational qualifications.  

In this dedicated summer 2023 results section, you will find details of how qualifications are awarded in Wales this year, an overview of the appeals process, plus help and support for learners considering their next steps. On results days, we will also publish our Review of the Summer 2023 Exam Series reports and Summer 2023 Results guides.  

For more information, visit our dedicated Summer 2023 Results section 

Power Up

Qualifications Wales works with Welsh Government and other partners on Power Up which has hints, tips and information to get you through the 2022/23 exam and assessment season and onto the next level in your life.

Exams 360

We’re often asked questions about the exam system and how it works. Things like, who writes my exam paper and how are exam grades set?

Exams 360 is where you’ll find the answers to those and other common exam related queries.

Made-for-Wales GCSEs

We have been working on a new set of Made-for-Wales GCSEs and other qualifications that will realise the ambition of the Curriculum for Wales and meet the needs of learners. We have been consulting on a full set of design proposals for all subjects that will be available from 2025. 

The views of current learners, of all ages is an important part of this work. In preparation for the consultation, we ran a series of workshops and spoke to learners across the country – find out more in our Learner Voice Report.

Join our learner groups

A key area of our work is shaping qualifications that fit the needs of the future. To help us do this, we’ve established two learner groups that allow for the learner voice to be embedded into our work.

The members of both groups are an inspiring group of people with a diverse and broad range of experiences. We are looking for new learners to join our groups, so if you'd like to get involved send us your application.

Joining one of our learner groups is a terrific opportunity for you to gain confidence, have your say on qualifications in Wales, and provides you with valuable experience to support the next steps on your learning or work journey.