Whether you’re a teacher in a school, lecturer in further education or trainer in a work-based or other learning setting, we’re here to support you and your learners as they endeavour to achieve the qualifications they need to progress.

Exam arrangements 2023-24

This academic year, we are taking the last step on our journey back to pre-pandemic arrangements for qualifications in Wales.  

In this dedicated exams and assessments 2023-24 section, you will find everything you need to know about the arrangements for exams and assessments this academic year.

Contingency planning

Given the events of the past few years, we know there is a small chance that alternative arrangements could once again be needed in the future.

Centres should therefore prepare for the possible implementation of contingency arrangements by planning what assessments they will use to inform centre determined grades, should they be needed.

We have published updated guidance on planning for contingencies.

Qualifications in Wales database

Our Qualifications in Wales database (QiW) contains details of all qualifications that are approved or designated for teaching in Wales for learners aged under 19 - excluding higher education.

Information held on QiW includes qualification titles, numbers, start and end dates, awarding body details and further information - such as performance measures and whether the qualification counts as a choice for 14-19 learning pathways.

Exams 360 - exam system explained

We’re often asked questions - and we're sure that you are - about the exam system and how it works. Things like, who writes an exam paper and how are exam grades set?

Exams 360 is where you’ll find the answers to those and other common exam related queries that may be asked by your learners.

Power Up

We work with the Welsh Government and other partners on Power Up to provide resources to help your learners prepare for exams and assessments.

Made-for-Wales GCSEs

As you may be aware, we have launched a national conversation to give the people of Wales a chance to Have Your Say on future Made-for-Wales GCSEs.

We have been working closely with teachers, subject experts and many others to co-create proposals for the high-level design, content and assessment of a brand-new set of GCSEs.

We want to make sure that these new qualifications will help you and your colleagues to make a success of the Curriculum for Wales and prepare your learners for life, learning and work.

On 28 June we published our decisions after analysing your responses to this consultation. To read the decisions, please visit Made-for-Wales GCSEs.

Higher education

Qualifications Wales maintains regular contact with higher education institutions in Wales and across the UK.

We also collaborate closely with UCAS and others, to make sure that universities are continually updated about any developments relating to qualifications and the qualifications system in Wales.

Get involved

Qualifications Wales wants practitioners from across Welsh education to help ensure that we are creating a qualifications system that is truly fit for the 21st century.

From time to time, we recruit individuals to help us with that work - please keep an eye on our jobs and opportunities section if you're interested and make sure that your staff and governors sign up to our monthly newsletters.

We also run regular consultations, surveys, and involvement sessions. Please see our Have Your Say site for more details on how your centre can get involved.

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) describes a process where evidence of a learner’s previous learning and or achievement is assessed and can be used to exempt the learner from all or part of a qualification.  

The learner needs to show that through knowledge, understanding or skills they already have, they do not need to repeat the course or complete extra assessment activity. An assessor will review whether the evidence is enough to show that a learner has met the assessment requirements for a current qualification or part of a qualification. 

At Qualifications Wales, we recognise that RPL offers many benefits.  

For more information on RPL and our policy, please visit our dedicated recognition of prior learning section. 

Summer 2023 results

For more information, visit our dedicated summer 2023 results section