Our next steps

Our next steps to create qualifications fit for the future.

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Subject Practitioners

We are looking for teachers with experience of delivering GCSE qualifications to collaborate with us, WJEC, Estyn and the regional consortia on developing high-level content and assessment arrangements for future GCSEs.

Benefits of being involved

It’s an unique opportunity to help co-construct the new qualifications and influence decisions in your subject area. Your expertise and professional input will help shape the future qualifications for 14-16 year old learners in Wales.

Time Commitment

Approximately 5.5 days between November 2021 through to June 2022.

Application Process

Please complete the short application form and monitoring form by 25 October 2021 to register your interest.

For further information please read the brief

Please share with your colleagues, and use this poster for your staff rooms.


Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE) Network members

Why not also join a wider stakeholder group to offer feedback in response to emerging questions, ideas and proposals relating to one of the six Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLE).

This is an exciting opportunity to help shape future qualifications. It will also provide participants with valuable insight into the qualifications' development process and experience in qualification design and assessment theory.

Time commitment

The AoLE networks will run from October 2021 through to June 2022. As well as commenting on written documents, there will be opportunities to attend webinars and online meetings to discuss the proposals and ask questions.

For further information please read the brief.

Get involved

Click here to register your interest and include your name, centre name, area of expertise/intertest and an email address and we will be in touch.

Closing date, 3 November 2021.


Reshaping the wider 14-16 Qualifications offer

Qualifications Wales is interested in all qualifications available to learners aged 14 to 16, from entry level and up, and across all subject areas - including those related to the world of work.

We will look at the AoLES and subjects directly mentioned in the curriculum, including those that will be available as GCSEs. But we will also go beyond that.

Subjects that aren’t directly named in the curriculum could still offer learners a valuable way of accessing the curriculum, developing their cross-cutting and integral skills, and realising the purposes of the curriculum. Example subjects include: Financial Capability, Careers Development, Equality and Diversity, Food Safety, Essential Skills, Sport & First Aid

For more information on the wider offer work please email reform@qualificationswales.org