Essential Skills Wales Review

The aim of the review is to gather evidence from our key stakeholders and receive feedback on how fit for purpose the Essential Skills Wales qualifications are. The aim is also to identify any issues or suggestions arising from the feedback and evidence, and to consider what changes or reforms may be required to ensure Essential Skills qualifications continue to meet our principle aims. 

Essential Skills qualifications are an integral part of post-16 learning and apprenticeship programmes in Wales and we are keen to ensure they remain valued and worthwhile qualifications. Find out more on Essential Skills Wales qualifications. 

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Essential Skills Wales Review timeline



Changes to Essential Digital Literacy Qualifications 

Aside from the Essential Skills Review, we have also been working with Agored, City & Guilds, Pearson and WJEC to introduce changes to the existing qualifications to ensure they continue to meet the needs of learners and learning providers.  

In September 2022, minor changes were introduced to Levels 1-3 Essential Application of Number Skills and Essential Communication Skills with the aim of improving the manageability and validity of the assessments.   

There will also be an update to Essential Digital Literacy Skills qualifications in September 2023:  

  • Removal of the Digital Learning strand. This is no longer considered as important as it was during the infancy of the qualification.  
  • Update to the terminology used, for example, removal of ‘digital environments’ and the use of the term ‘multimedia’, 
  • Refining the wording used for the skills and the learning outcomes so that they are more closely related, 
  • Providing clearer amplification to give additional guidance on the requirements, 
  • Providing greater importance on the digital product created being fit for purpose and audience, 
  • Introduction of ethical considerations at Level 2 

For more information on these changes and updates, please visit the awarding body websites.