Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate

In September 2020, we launched our Skilled for the Future consultation when we sought views on proposed changes to the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (SCC) qualification and the overarching Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate (Welsh Bacc) framework.

As a result of the consultation we have decided to take the following action.  

  • Discontinue the Welsh Baccalaureate framework to focus on the standalone skills-based qualification.

  • Create a new qualification called ‘Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales’, available from September 2023.

  • Design the new qualification to be more manageable, more engaging and easier to understand.

You can read full details of the consultation and the outcomes in our decisions report, findings report and our summary version all on this page. 


Having made our decisions, our next step is to use our statutory powers to secure an awarding body to develop the qualification. We intend to restrict this qualification to one form and have published an intention-to-restrict-notice providing more information for stakeholders likely to be affected. 

The deadline for representations in respect of the notice of intention to restrict has now passed. We would now like to talk to awarding bodies that may be interested in the opportunity to develop and award this qualification through a concession contract as part of a pre-tender engagement process. We will shortly publish a Determination to Restrict notice. More information can be found here.