Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Catering

We have launched a review of qualifications and the qualification system in the travel, tourism, hospitality and catering sectors.

It’s an industry that encompasses hotels and hospitality, dining and drinking, entertainment and attractions such as museums and theme parks and sports facilities. 

The most recent figures for 2018 shows that there was £6.3 billion of visitor spending generating £3 billion in Gross Value Added in Wales. This is a contribution of around 6% GVA to the Welsh economy.  

Aims and approach 

The review will: 

  • look at the qualifications within the scope of the sector to review their content and assessment to establish if they are manageable, engaging, valid and reliable qualifications for learners and employers in Wales; 
  • use a variety of methodology to understand the challenges and issues which are present within the sector, and; 
  • be mindful of the current circumstances and pressures due to COVID-19 within the sector and to facilitate the review with sensitivity. 

It is proposed that this review will continue throughout 2021 and 2022 with a report on findings published in January 2023.  

We propose that the following areas are within scope of this review:​ 

  • tour operators and travel agencies​; 
  • destination management​; 
  • accommodation; 
  • food and beverage operations/catering​; 
  • hospitality and events management​, and; 
  • visitor attractions ​ 

We will focus on qualifications  being delivered full time in schools, colleges and by  work-based  learning providers at Level 3 and below.