The story so far

This sector review has been extensive and has included:

  • interviews with more than 100 stakeholders in the sector including representatives from schools, further education, work based learning, higher education and employers;
  • focus groups with more than 350 learners studying sector specific qualifications in schools, further education and work based learning;
  • a detailed technical review of the content and assessment of the qualifications that are most commonly taken by learners in the sector;
  • a desktop comparative evaluation of qualifications used in other countries – conducted by Semta International (the sector body in the UK) – to identify good practice that could be adopted in Wales;
  • an online survey that ran between January and February 2020 and aimed to further capture the views of stakeholders who had not previously had the chance to contribute to the review. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. 

We have convened a stakeholder panel which includes representatives from employers, learning providers and other interested bodies to provide us with advice and to test our lines of enquiry.