About the review

Engineering, advanced manufacturing and energy all have an extensive history in Wales and have consistently contributed to a balanced economy.

The manufacturing sector alone employs approximately 150,000 people in Wales across 5,000 companies, demonstrating the importance of the sector.

Qualifications Wales is conducting a review of the engineering, advanced manufacturing and energy sector in Wales – the fourth in a series of national sector reviews. When undertaking this sector review we aim to:

  • develop an understanding of the qualifications landscape;
  • identify the views of partner organisations on the effectiveness of existing qualifications and the system itself to meet the needs of learners, employers and higher education institutions;
  • consider the extent to which the qualifications are technically effective and fit for purpose;
  • identify any lessons to be learned from qualifications in other comparable nations;
  • decide whether Qualifications Wales should take, or recommend others to take, any actions to improve the effectiveness of qualifications or the system itself.

There are four strands to the sector review; stakeholder engagement, learner engagement, a technical review of qualifications and an international comparison study.