Sector reviews

Vocational qualifications make up over 90% of the regulated qualifications available in Wales, and should reflect the skills that employers need. Together with our day-to-day work as a regulator, sector reviews form the backbone of our work with vocational qualifications, allowing us to focus on qualifications within particular employment sectors.

For each sector, our aim is to:

  • understand the qualifications landscape;
  • hear stakeholders’ views on the qualifications and the qualifications system;
  • consider whether the qualifications, and the qualifications system, are technically effective and fit for purpose;
  • learn lessons from the qualifications systems of other nations;
  • decide whether we should take (or recommend that others take) action to improve qualifications or the system.

Our approach


  • interview stakeholders (including employers, sector bodies, work-based learning providers, further education institutions and schools);
  • set up a stakeholder panel of ‘critical friends’ to assist and advise us;
  • encourage individuals to share their opinions with us through an online survey;
  • conduct a technical review of qualifications (including learners’ work);
  • undertake a desk-based international comparison study.

Our planned sector reviews


To be arranged

  • Financial services
  • Customer services and retail
  • Travel and tourism
  • Hospitality and catering

Each sector review is different; the outcomes of one review are not necessarily the outcomes of the next. 

You can find more information in our Vocational Qualifications Strategy.