Digital Technology: Qualification Development

In December 2018, we published Delivering Digital, our review of qualifications and the qualification system in the information and communication technology sector.

The review set out a series of short- and longer-term actions intended to address the issues it identified. These included inviting awarding bodies to develop two new qualifications in Digital Technology, a GCSE and a GCE AS/A level, to be available for first teaching in September 2021 and September 2022 respectively. 

The table below shows details of the key actions and milestones in our work to develop approval criteria for these qualifications and support their implementation. For further information regarding any of the milestones please click its associated link.   





Publication of Delivering Digital 

The publication of our review of qualifications and the qualifications system in the ICT sector. 

December 2018 


Development days for GCSE and GCE AS/A level Digital Technology 

In March 2019, we held a series of Development days at venues across Wales for teachers and further education lecturers to share their ideas for the new qualifications. 

March 2019 


Development of GCSE Digital Technology Approval Criteria 

In October 2019, we published draft approval criteria for GCSE Digital Technology and invited stakeholders to take part in a feedback survey. 

October 2019 


GCSE Digital Technology Approval Criteria Published

Following our survey, a number of changes were made to the approval criteria document in response to the feedback. The finalised approval criteria were published in May 2020 alongside a narrative document explaining how they were developed. 

May 2020 


GCSE Digital Technology Specification published by WJEC 

In response to our approval criteria, WJEC developed a specification for GCSE Digital Technology. Following its approval by Qualifications Wales this document was published on WJEC’s website, with the qualification being first taught in September 2021. 

September 2020 


Survey on practical tasks in GCE AS/A level Digital Technology 

As part of our development work for the AS/A level Digital Technology we invited stakeholders to participate in a survey to gather their views on the practical tasks that should be available to learners undertaking the qualification.  

June/July 2020 


Development of GCE AS/A level Digital Technology Approval Criteria 

In October 2020, we held two webinars which each included a summary of our proposals for GCE AS/A level Digital Technology and a question and answer session. We also ran a feedback survey which invited stakeholders to share their views on our proposals.

October 2020