Curriculum Reform

Successful Futures (Donaldson, 2015) was an independent review of national curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales. Published in February 2015, the review contains 68 recommendations, of which 19 recommendations relate to assessment. All of these recommendations have been accepted by Welsh Government. Qualifications Wales has been and remains to be a stakeholder in the development of the new curriculum.

As a response to the recommendations outlined in the review, a new curriculum is being developed. As this new curriculum is being designed to cover state school provision for 3-16 year olds, A levels are out of scope of reform, however, could be impacted upon.

Timelines for the introduction of the new curriculum have recently changed. It is currently planned to be available from January 2020 but only taught from September 2022.  The development and implementation of the new curriculum is being led by members of the Welsh Government’s Education Department who are working closely with Pioneer teachers from six Area’s of Learning Experience; Maths, Literacy & Languages, Science & Technology, Humanities, Performance Arts and Health & Well Being.  Qualifications Wales is supporting these groups.