GCSE Welsh Second Language

GCSE Welsh Second Language was revised for first teaching in September 2017 replacing the existing GCSE and Applied GCSE full and short courses.

The revised GCSE Welsh Second Language has been created to address shortcomings in the previous courses. It will also act interim qualification before the introduction of the new Welsh Curriculum in 2022 when Welsh will be taught in English medium, Welsh Medium and bilingual schools in order to remove the distinction between Welsh first and second language.

The study of Welsh first and second language is statutory under legislation for all learners until the end of key stage 4.

The revised GCSE Welsh Second Language counts towards Key Stage 4 performance measures in the same way as the previous qualifications, that is within non-subject-specific components of measures.

Staffing and staff training

The revised GCSE Welsh Second Language is a full GCSE and has 120 guided learning hours so schools will have to consider the timetabling and training of staff.

Schools should contact their regional consortium for support and guidance.

Central South Consortium Joint Education Service

Steven Richards-Downs (steven.richards-downs@cscjes.org.uk)  

South East Wales Education Achievement Service

Elen Roberts (elen.roberts@sewaleseas.org.uk)


Tina Thomas (tina.thomas@erw.org.uk)


Peter Maddocks (petermaddocks@gwegogledd.cymru)

Legacy Qualifications

The current full course and short course GCSE and Applied GCSE will be assessed for the last time in summer 2018, with final resit opportunities taking place during the following academic year.