GCSE Computer Science

The new GCSE Computer Science was introduced in Wales for first teaching from September 2017. The qualification will be awarded for the first time in summer 2019. The new qualification includes a non-examined assessment task that tests students’ practical computer programming skills. The task is completed during the course and makes up 20% of the total marks for the qualification.

In England, new Computer Science GCSEs were introduced in September 2016 and will be awarded for the first time in summer 2018. Responding to concerns about the security of the non-examined assessment in this subject, Ofqual the exams regulator in England decided earlier in 2018 to remove the non-examined assessment task from counting towards a students’ overall grade for the qualification.

Assessing the new GCSE Computer Science

Having carefully considered the risks, we have decided that marks from the non-examined, practical assessment should continue to contribute to the overall grade for this qualification. We have asked WJEC to put extra safeguards in place to secure and monitor the integrity of the practical assessment task. We will be keeping this qualification under close scrutiny. If we find any evidence to suggest that its integrity has been compromised, we will have to reconsider the contribution that  practical assessment can make to this qualification in future.