Appeals 2020 explained

Centres can appeal to WJEC on behalf of the learner, which is the same as in previous years. Learners can ask their centre to check whether they made an error when they submitted their centre assessment data. In certain circumstances, private candidates will be able to appeal directly to WJEC.


Grounds for Appeal  

We can confirm that the grounds for appeal, to be submitted by a school or college on behalf of a learner, are as follows: 

  1. The Head of Centre believes an administrative or procedural error was made in submitting the centre assessment data to WJEC.
  2. The Head of Centre believes that WJEC introduced an error into the centre assessment data submitted to it.
  3. The Head of Centre believes that a result issued by WJEC was incorrectly allocated and / or communicated to a learner.
  4. That there was some other procedural failing on the part of WJEC.

For those learners who receive a calculated grade due to that being the highest of the grades available to them, the original grounds for appeal shall remain in place. 

Where learners have genuine concerns that their centre has exhibited bias or discrimination of one form or another, the learner should raise the matter with their centre. 

We can also offer assurance that all learners who are named in an appeal, whether they have provided consent or not, will not be at risk of having their grades lowered as a result of the appeal. Grades will only go up or remain the same as part of the appeals process.

If you believe that there’s an error with grades that you’ve received, you can find more information about what you can do here.