Restricted Priority Qualifications

Section 14 of the Act allows us to restrict a qualification that is on the Priority Qualifications List.

We have the power to decide that some qualifications on the Priority Qualification List should be restricted to a maximum number of forms (or ‘versions’) which may be approved at any one time.

For example, we may decide that we only intend to approve one version of GCSE English Language. In this case, we would make a determination to this effect and this qualification would become a Restricted Priority Qualification.

We may only make such a decision if we are satisfied that the intended restriction is desirable in light of our principal aims, and the objectives of: 

  • avoiding inconsistency between different forms of a qualification; and
  • enabling us to exercise choice between awarding bodies who may want to develop a new form of the qualification or between different forms of qualifications submitted for approval.

Before deciding to restrict the number of approved forms of a qualification, we must notify each recognised awarding body and any other person we think might reasonably be expected to have an interest in our proposal, and we consider any responses we receive.

Further details about our approach to the approval of priority qualifications, and our rationale and processes for the restriction of priority qualifications can be found in our Priority Qualifications List and Restricted Priority Qualifications Policy 

All Notices which we have published to date can be seen below. 

Restricted Priority Qualifications - Published Notices 

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales (level 3)

Intention to Restrict - February 2021

Determination to Restrict - June 2021


Health and Social Care

Intention to Restrict - November 2016

Determination to Restrict - March 2017 

Variation of a Determination to Restrict - April 2019 


Construction and the Built Environment

Intention to Restrict - July 2018

Determination to Restrict - April 2019