Condition B3.1 of the Standard Conditions of Recognition requires awarding bodies to promptly notify Qualifications Wales when they have cause to believe that any event has occurred, or is likely to occur, which could have an adverse effect.

Types of events

You can find examples of the types of events for which you should send a notification listed in Condition B3.2 here.

We would expect to receive information on whether or not the incident has affected, or could potentially affect, learners who are assessed wholly or mainly in Wales. Where there are no learners assessed wholly or mainly in Wales who are, or may be, potentially affected, then no notification is needed.

What type of information should be provided when sending a notification?

Please provide the following information, either at the time of notification (where available), or as soon as possible thereafter:

  • qualifications / subjects / units affected;
  • number of centres affected / potentially affected (Wales);
  • number of learners affected / potentially affected (Wales);
  • nature of the incident;
  • affected Standard Condition of Recognition; please find the link here
  • cause of the incident;
  • actual and / or possible impact on learners / public confidence / validity of qualifications;
  • date awarding body identified of the incident / circumstances;
  • whether stakeholders are aware;
  • whether there is known media / social media coverage;
  • whether complaints have been received relating to the incident;
  • actions taken and / or planned to prevent / correct or mitigate;
  • actions taken and / or planned to prevent a recurrence;
  • any other information deemed appropriate;
  • a date by which you anticipate providing an update.

Where do I send the notification?

Please send your notifications to You can also send any queries regarding the incident notification process, or regarding a specific event, to the above email address.