Awarding body recognition

To offer regulated qualifications in Wales, you must first be recognised by us. You must be able to show you are able to meet our regulatory requirements. The rules for applying for recognition with us are set out in the section below.

How to apply

To enquire about recognition, please email us at:

We will ask you to tell us why you want to be recognised by us. This will help us both better determine if recognition is right for you. To proceed with your application, you will need to then formally apply.

This will mean that you provide us with sufficient evidence of your ability to meet our requirements as set out in our Criteria for Recognition. Our Criteria for Recognition are here.

We will undertake a completeness check of your submitted application evidence.  Only once we have confirmed with you that your submission is complete will we start our formal review.

We aim to reach a decision regarding your application within 40 working days of that date.

Where we reject your application we will explain our reasons.  After considering our feedback, you are then free to re-apply.

Ending or amending your recognition

If you want us to stop regulating some or all of your qualifications, you can ‘surrender’ your recognition. Surrender is a voluntary, formal process and must be made in compliance with the requirements as set out in Condition D7 of our Standard Conditions of Recognition.

Partial Surrender You can notify us of your intention to surrender your recognition to offer specific qualifications and/or descriptions of qualifications. In this case we will remove the agreed qualifications and/or descriptions of qualifications from the scope of your recognition and you will remain recognised as an awarding body with us.

If you don’t actually award a particular qualification in Wales, you don’t need to ask for it to be surrendered from recognition as we don’t regulate it anyway.

Full Surrender You can also notify us that you wish to surrender your recognition as an awarding body in full. When this is complete, you will no longer be recognised by us and will be unable to offer your qualifications as regulated to learners in Wales. To begin either process please email and we will discuss your plans and our requirements.