Summary Report: Tranche 1 - Review of Standard Conditions of Recognition

Qualifications Wales has published a summary report outlining the emerging findings of tranche 1 of its Review of the Standard Conditions of Recognition.

All comments received as part of the tranche 1 review have been collated and analysed. We will consider the findings carefully, and they will inform our thinking as we move forward to consider Conditions FHI and DEG in tranches 2 and 3.

The online engagement survey for tranche 2 was launched on 5 December 2017. All stakeholders are encouraged to participate and this will close on 8 January 2018. Further Stakeholder Panel meetings will be held in 2018 during tranches 2 and 3, which will look at Conditions FHI and DEG respectively All comments received as part of the tranche 1

We will continue to collect evidence from a wide range of sources, and no decisions will be taken until the review has been completed. Following the completion of our review and analysis of all the evidence, we will consider any revisions we might propose to the Conditions and the appropriateness of conducting a consultation.

In the event of changes to the Conditions, a revised version will be published in Spring 2019, to be effective from September 2019.