Our regulatory policies outline how we carry out our regulatory roles and activities in accordance with our legislative powers.

All of these policies apply generally across qualifications and the qualifications system in Wales. For a full list of all our policies, please see our Regulatory Documents List.


Taking Action When Things Go Wrong 
This is for recognised awarding bodies and for members of the public to enable them to understand how we might use our enforcement and sanctions powers. 

Fee Capping Policy 
The Fee Capping Policy explains the circumstances under which we may impose a limit on the amount an awarding body may charge in connection with the award of publicly funded qualifications.

Monetary Penalties Policy
The aim of this policy is to set out the circumstances in which Qualifications Wales is likely to impose a monetary penalty and the factors we are likely to take into account in determining the amount of that penalty.

Transfer Conditions Policy
This policy sets out circumstances in which an awarding body’s recognition would be likely to be made subject to a Transfer Condition, and the circumstances in which we are likely to Direct an awarding body to transfer a qualification.

Reviews and Consultations

Consultation Policy 
This policy statement explains under which circumstances and in which manner we propose to carry out consultations. 

Policy Statement on Conducting Reviews of Qualifications and the Qualifications System 
This policy statement explains how we review the activities of recognised awarding bodies and their compliance with our regulatory requirements, as well as how we review the wider qualifications system. 

Keeping Policy Statements Under Review
This document is about how we keep policy statements under review, including, why we review policies, how we review policies, and our policy review cycle and approval process.

Recognition and approval

Recognition Policy
The Recognition Policy explains our requirements for the recognition of awarding bodies, why we make criteria and rules for the recognition of awarding bodies and the circumstances in which recognition may be surrendered or withdrawn. 

Designation Policy 

This policy explains what a designated qualification is and how we exercise our functions in relation to the designation of qualifications. Where an awarding body recognised by us wants one of its qualifications to be eligible for use on certain publicly-funded courses, the awarding body will submit an application to us for the qualification to be designated. The policy also explains how designation ceases to have effect when an approved qualification which is the same or similar to it comes into effect. The policy outlines our approach to revoking designation and designating for a specific purpose or purposes.

For further explanation on these statutory powers and how we envisage applying them in future, read the explanatory notes.

Priority Qualifications List and Restricted Priority Qualifications Policy 
The Priority Qualifications List policy sets out our approach to the approval of qualifications for awarding in Wales, and outlines the rationale and processes for the restriction of priority qualifications. 

Scheme made under Section 15 of the Qualifications Wales Act 2015
In accordance with Section 15 of the Qualifications Wales Act (“the Act”), the present document makes provisions for how we will make arrangements for the development of restricted priority qualifications.

Scheme made under Section 17 of the Qualifications Wales Act 2015
In accordance with Section 17 of the Qualifications Wales Act (“the Act”), the present document makes provisions for applications for approval under section 17(2) of the Act, and our consideration of those applications.

Scheme made under Section 19 of the Qualifications Wales Act 2015
In accordance with Section 19 of the Qualifications Wales Act (“the Act”), this Scheme sets out the factors we are likely take into account in determining whether to consider applications for approval of non-priority qualifications. The Scheme also sets out our procedure for approving such qualifications under section 19(2) of the Act.

Regulatory Welsh-Medium Qualifications Policy 
This Regulatory Document sets out our requirements for Welsh-medium qualifications offered by recognised awarding bodies.

Complaints, reporting, appeals and incidents

Complaints About Awarding Bodies 
This applies to anyone who wishes to complain about a recognised awarding body or about one or more regulated qualifications offered by such an awarding body.  

Regulatory Whistleblowing Policy 
The aim of the policy is to provide clarity on who can be classed as a whistleblower; to provide clarity on the type of disclosures we can, and cannot, consider; and to outline the process we will follow when handling whistleblower disclosures. 

Regulatory Appeals Policy 
This applies to anyone who has been affected by a regulatory decision made by Qualifications Wales and wishes to appeal that decision. 

Regulatory Incident Management Policy 
The policy outlines our internal processes for managing regulatory incidents. This procedure is for anyone who wishes to notify us of a regulatory incident so that they are clear on the procedure in place to manage this process.

Unacceptable Actions by Complainants Policy
Sometimes, people conduct themselves in a manner that makes it difficult for
us to deal with their complaint effectively or at all. In these rare cases where a
complainant’s conduct is deemed unacceptable by us, this policy will apply.