Reforms to the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate and the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate framework

Tuesday 23 Feb 2021

Qualifications Wales has published its decisions for reforming the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate and the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate framework following their Skilled for the Future consultation which took place in the autumn.  

The changes include: 

  • discontinuing the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate framework to focus on the standalone skills-based qualification,  
  • creating a new qualification to replace the current Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate. This will be called the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales and will be introduced in September 2023.  

These decisions have been made following careful analysis of the consultation findings. The changes will build on the strong foundations of the current Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate, including its success in helping learners to access higher education at universities across the UK. The new qualification will also be designed to: 

  • improve the manageability of the qualification for learners, schools and colleges;  
  • enhance learner engagement and wellbeing;  
  • avoid duplication of prior learning, and  
  • provide a simpler model that helps to communicate the value, purpose and structure of the qualification more easily.  

The new qualification will continue to help learners to develop skills for employment, lifelong learning and active citizenship. 

“There will be a clear focus to prepare learners for successful futures who can confidently contribute to a sustainable Wales and the world,” said Qualifications Wales Chief Executive Philip Blaker. 

We have also focused on what makes this qualification an important learning experience for learners by giving them a choice in what they study and to develop their skills through real-life learning experiences.” 

The full report outlining the decisions and the reasons behind them, as well as a report analysing the consultation’s findings, can be found on Qualifications Wales’ website.