Qualifications Wales publishes grade calculation aims and appeals requirements

Monday 29 Jun 2020

The aims that underpin the way that GCSE and A level grades will be calculated this summer, together with the requirements for the appeals process, are published today by Qualifications Wales. 

The regulator consulted widely on the plans for the new system that is needed following the cancellation of the summer exams due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A total of 4,057 people responded to the survey, more than half of whom were learners. 

Although these are extraordinary times, it’s important to remember that the qualifications awarded this year will be just as robust and of equal value to those awarded in any other year,” said Chief Executive Philip Blaker. 

As a result of the consultation, Qualifications Wales has set out four aims that will underpin the statistical standardisation model to be used by WJEC for issuing grades this summer and to ensure that all learners are treated fairly. The aims are that: 

  • All learners for whom a qualification-level centre assessment grade and rank order are submitted will receive a grade; 
  • National outcomes will be broadly similar to those in previous years to reduce the risk of unfairness for learners over time and maintain public confidence.; 
  • As far as possible the process for awarding grades will not systematically disadvantage learners, including those with characteristics protected by equalities legislation, and; 
  • The standardisation model will use a range of evidence to calculate the likely grades that learners would have achieved, had they been able to complete their assessments. 

Individual learners dissatisfied with their grade will not be able to appeal to WJEC. However, there is a process that means WJEC can consider appeals made by centres on certain grounds 

Full details of the consultation decisions and findings can be found on the Qualifications Wales website.