Qualifications Wales issues guidance to teachers 

Friday 03 Apr 2020

The regulator has worked closely with a wide range of stakeholders in the education sector in Wales following the Education Minister’s decision to close schools and cancel the exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For every GCSE, AS, A level and Skills Challenge Certificate qualification, each centre will be required to submit: 

  • A centre assessment grade for each learner. This is the professional judgement of the subject teachers, including the Head of Department, about the grade that each learner is most likely to have achieved if they had sat their exams this summer 
  • The rank order of learners within each grade, for each qualification. 

Chief Executive Philip Blaker said: Clearly in these extraordinary times it’s important that we all work together to find the fairest possible way to provide learners with the grades they deserve for all their hard work. 

We are working with a wide range of partners in education to develop our approach. We are writing to all centres today with this information, which applies to schools, colleges and other exam centres using approved Wales-only GCSE, AS, A Levels and Skills Challenge Certificates offered by WJEC and regulated by us. 

“We want centres to consider each learner’s performance over the course of study and make a realistic judgement of the grade and rank of each learner,” said Mr Blaker. 

Once centre assessment grades and the rank order have been submitted, WJEC will carry out a process, agreed with Qualifications Wales, to standardise grades between centres. For this to be fair, it is important that the rank order of learners is as accurate as possible. This process will be required for all learners entered for each qualification. 

This guidance provides clarity on what centres will need to do to support the award of GCSEs, AS and A levels and the Skills Challenge Certificate. These are only some of the qualifications that learners will be relying on this summer and Qualifications Wales is working hard with other regulators across the UK to provide clarity for all qualifications.  

The deadline for submission of data by centres to WJEC will be shared as soon as possible. It will not be earlier than 29 May 2020 and further information will follow from WJEC after Easter.

Read more here: Information for centres