Taking a closer look at modern foreign language GCSEs

Tuesday 05 Nov 2019

Feedback we have received from stakeholders has highlighted that there are some concerns about how the new qualifications are working in practice. We have received feedback that the assessment for these qualifications is too demanding and that the breadth and nature of the content is challenging for students.

In response to these concerns we have taken a closer look at the specifications and assessments for these qualifications. We have shared our findings with WJEC and have asked them to review the specifications in light of this feedback and submit a plan to us on what they propose to do in response.  We will also continue to gather further data and information to inform our view and approach.

Ofqual has published its findings on similar review work completed on 9-1 GCSEs in MFL, which reflect some of the findings from our own work. This is not unexpected, given that the approved qualifications in Wales have a very similar format to those in England.