Final requirements for Adaptations to assessments in summer 2021

Thursday 06 Aug 2020

As we outlined in our news item on 15 July, Qualifications Wales has required WJEC to make appropriate adaptations to GCSEs for learners taking exams in summer 2021. The updated Requirements for Adapting assessments for GQ qualifications in 2021 requiring WJEC to make adaptations to A level and Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificate qualifications is published today.

These adaptations are necessary to account for some of the teaching and learning time lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. They aim to alleviate some of the pressure of assessment in summer 2021, so that teaching and development of appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills can be as effective as possible when schools return in September 2020. They will also help centres manage any on-going public health safeguards, while ensuring the qualifications remain valid and meaningful. 

WJEC has already issued details of the adaptations for GCSEs, A levels and the Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificate qualification to schools and colleges. These details will also be published on WJEC’s website shortly and will be available to all. The information gives an overview of the adaptations for each qualification, with the rationale for each. Due to the different approaches required it will take time for teachers to understand them and to plan their work programmes for the autumn term and beyond.  WJEC will be providing further support and guidance in the autumn to support centres implement the changes effectively.