Awarding Bodies Forum 2019

On 10 December, we held our fourth annual forum for awarding bodies.

Thank you to all those who attended, and who helped to make it a great event!

The speakers’ presentations and papers are available to download below.

If you’d like to discuss any of the agenda items in more detail, please email us at



Regulation update

Denver Davies – Head of Monitoring and Compliance, Qualifications Wales

Welsh-medium and Bilingual Qualifications Strategy

Dr Rachel Heath-Davies – Head of Strategic Policy, Qualifications Wales

Planning on a national level – developing the post-16 sector

Dr Lowri Morgans – Academic Manager, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol

Curriculum reform – Qualified for the Future

Emyr George – Director of Qualifications Policy and Reform, Qualifications Wales


A – Regulating in the Public Interest

B – Use of technology in assessment


A – Liz Brimble – Director of Qualifications, Registration and Fitness to Practise, Education Workforce Council (EWC)

B – Gavin Busuttil-Reynaud, Director, AlphaPlus


A – Getting to know QiW

B – Fair Access by Design guide


A - Ceri Phillips – Qualifications Manager, Qualifications Wales

B - Jack Watkins – Policy Officer, Qualifications Wales

Sector reviews update

Cassy Taylor – Director of Qualifications Policy and Reform, Qualifications Wales

Qualifications and Wales’ largest WBL training provider

Gareth Mathias – Qualifications Manager, ACT