Working with others

In this section we explain how we will work with our partners in the education system as well as sharing new developments and decisions as they occur.

Stakeholders: We have established a 2021 Stakeholder Group to help shape the approach to awarding this year which will help us identify and test different options. With a range of views including from HE, FE, schools, employers, children and young people, and equalities groups, the panel will advise on the feasibility and the impacts of different proposals.  

Teacher engagement: We will also be working with teachers and practitioners from across Wales, to make sure we consider the delivery and impacts of all our proposals and thinking.  

Learners: We welcome the views of learners and their parents as we work to provide the best solution for those due to receive their qualifications in 2021. You can send your comments via the ‘Feedback’ button on this page or by email to  All developments will be shared with schools and colleges and through our social media channels.