Awarding in 2021

Statement in response to the Minister for Education’s announcement regarding qualifications in summer 2021.


As the independent regulator of qualifications, we provided advice to the Minister on what we considered to be the fairest approach to assessment in 2021. We recognise this has been a difficult decision and there are no easy answers. We are considering the decision and what it could mean in practice.  In the meantime, we will provide advice to the Independent Design and Delivery Advisory Group.




Vocational Qualifications 

For vocational qualifications only awarded in Wales, the following adaptations for the current academic year have been published. 

  • The adaptations for approved Health and Social Care and Childcare qualifications have been published by the Consortium on the Health and Care Learning Wales website. 
  • The awarding bodies offering Health and Social Care and Childcare qualifications for Wales and Northern Ireland have agreed consistent adaptations for learners completing during 2020-21. These adaptations supersede the arrangements announced on 24 April 2020. The adaptations, including a list of the relevant qualifications, can be found here. If your qualification is not included in this document, or if you would like to find out more about the adaptations, then please contact your centre or awarding body.

  • Adaptations for learners completing their Essential Skills Wales qualifications up until 30 November and beyond have been updated. Details of the adaptations can be found here

For qualifications that are awarded in other parts of the UK, we continue to work closely with England (Ofqual) and Northern Ireland (CCEA regulation) regulators and awarding bodies to develop adaptations and possible scenarios for awarding in summer 2021. 

Where vocational qualifications are offered across the UK, it is important that we take a common approach to ensure fairness for all learners. We continue to work closely with our fellow UK regulators on finding solutions for qualifications that directly impact learners in Wales.