The awarding of vocational and technical qualifications, and other general qualifications, in summer 2020

Today, Ofqual issued further guidance for centres on the next steps that will be taken for this summer’s awarding of vocational qualifications.

Most vocational qualifications taken by learners in Wales are also available in other UK nations and as a result we have been working very closely with our fellow regulators as decisions are being made. 

In the guidance Ofqual explain their plans for the awarding of vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) and general qualifications other than GCSEs, AS and A levels this summer.  They outline what is expected from awarding bodies and what centres should expect to happen over the coming weeks and months. 

As Ofqual are still finalising their policy following a public consultation on their proposed approach, therefore the detail of arrangements is subject to change.  However, Ofqual recognise that time is short and want to give as much certainty as possible about the approach that will be taken.  

The guidance document is designed to sit alongside a detailed set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  It will be updated when Ofqual publish the outcomes of their consultation on the regulatory arrangements for the awarding of VTQs, which is anticipated to be around 22 May. 

To ensure consistency for learners taking these qualifications, the same approach will be taken for learners in Wales as that set out by Ofqual. Qualifications Wales continue to work closely with the other nations’ regulatory bodies to award learners grades this summer.