Statement on Ofqual consultation – 15 April 2020

GCSEs, AS and A level qualifications designed for England and taken in Wales

Today, Ofqual has published a consultation on the exceptional arrangements that it plans to put in place for GCSEs, AS and A levels in England. The qualifications affected by Ofqual’s proposals are predominantly awarded to learners in England but are available and are taken by some learners in Wales*. The awarding bodies affected by these arrangements must comply with the Ofqual regulations whenever they award an Ofqual regulated qualification.  

The proposals in the consultation reflect the direction given to Ofqual by the Secretary of State for Education. The UK Government determines education policy for England. Education policy in Wales is devolved to the National Assembly for Wales. Ofqual must therefore consider separately the position of learners outside England.  

In its consultation, Ofqual is proposing that the same arrangements should apply to all students who were planning to take the qualifications this year. That is Ofqual considers that results to be issued to learners outside England this summer should be on the same basis as learners in England. To issue results on any other basis to learners outside England could be unfair and introduce unnecessary logistical risk into the process this summer. 

Affected learners and centres in Wales may want to respond to Ofqual’s consultation. 

GCSEs, AS, A levels and Skills Challenge Certificate qualifications designed for Wales 

We will also be consulting on the arrangements that we plan to put in place for approved GCSEs, AS, A levels and Skills Challenge Certificate qualifications in Wales. Our two-week consultation will focus on the aims that will underpin the statistical model for the issue of grades and the appeals process for this summer. We are planning on publishing our consultation on Tuesday 28 April 2020. 

Vocational qualifications 

These consultations do not apply to vocational qualifications. We published further information on the awarding of vocational qualifications last week 

We will provide further information next week. 

* By learners in some independent schools or by learners in maintained centres for qualifications where there is no approved qualification for Wales. This would include qualifications offered by WJEC under its Eduqas brand.