Ofqual launch VTQ consultation

Ofqual have today launched their consultation on the arrangements for the assessment and awarding of VTQs in 2020/21.

The consultation sets out the proposed approach which aims to : 

  • mitigate disruption to teaching and learning and to the delivery of assessments so that, as far as possible, learners taking VTQs and other general qualifications can receive fair results and learners taking qualifications most similar to A levels or GCSEs, are not disadvantaged compared to their peers taking General Qualifications  
  • ensure that assessments lead to the award of qualifications that are a valid and reliable indication of knowledge, understanding, skills, or practical competence, and that, as far as possible, standards are maintained 

Most vocational qualifications taken by learners in Wales are also available in the other UK nations, so to ensure consistency we work closely with our fellow regulators. We aim to align approaches across nations wherever possible. We will not be consulting separately on the arrangements for vocational qualifications in 2020/21 and encourage you to respond to the Ofqual consultation to make your voice heard. 

We are working with awarding bodies offering Wales only vocational qualifications to consider the adaptations to assessment that may be needed to mitigate the impact of disruptions to teaching, learning and assessment, and any ongoing restrictions on the delivery of assessments. More details will be available from the awarding bodies and us as soon as possible.