Awarding of vocational qualifications this summer - 9 April 2020

Further details of the next steps that will be taken for this summer’s award of vocational qualifications impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic have been announced today.

Most vocational qualifications taken by learners in Wales are also available in other UK nations and as a result we have been working very closely with our fellow regulators as these decisions are being made.

To ensure consistency for learners taking these qualifications, the same approach will be taken for learners in Wales as that set out by Ofqual today.

Discussions on approaches to individual qualifications which are offered across a range of awarding bodies are ongoing and more detail will be shared as soon as it is available.

At Qualifications Wales, we are applying the same principles in deciding the right approach for qualifications designed specifically to meet the needs of learners in Wales. Thank you again for your patience as we complete this work.

The complexity of the vocational qualification landscape means a single approach is not appropriate. This announcement sets out the principles that will be applied to different groups of vocational qualifications, linked to their purpose and how they are used by learners for progression.

As our Chief Executive Philip Blaker outlined in his latest blog, it is vitally important that we make the right decisions for learners, centres, awarding bodies and employers.

For health and social care and childcare qualifications in Wales, we have been working closely with the relevant sector bodies and awarding bodies to agree the best way forward. This suite includes a range of qualifications, some of which assess knowledge while others also assess practical competence. Different qualifications will require different solutions.

We have also been working very closely with the four awarding bodies offering Essential Skills Wales qualifications to find the right solution. We will share our approaches to these qualifications as soon as possible.

We will be publishing more FAQs on our approaches to vocational qualifications over the coming days on our website and will provide further updates as soon as possible.