Learner Groups

Apply today: New Vocational/Work-based Learner Group

We’re setting up a Vocational/Work-based Learner Group that will help us talk to learners and understand the challenges faced by work-based learners or learners studying vocational qualifications.

Members should be:

  • aged 16+ 
  • in work-based learning (traineeship/apprenticeship) or studying vocational qualifications
  • from different types of backgrounds and education settings (such as colleges and work-based learning environments) and include different types of learners (such as Welsh-medium learners and those with Additional Learning Needs).

 Please see below:

  1. Further information
  2. Expression of interest form to be completed and returned by the closing date
  3. Monitoring form

 Closing date: 26 September 2021


Learner Advisory Group

Our Learner Advisory Group consists of 18 members and was established to help influence qualifications in the future.

Our members are an inspiring group of young people with a diverse and broad range of experiences. The group provides an opportunity for Qualifications Wales to engage in conversation directly with learners and for two-way dialogue on the qualification offer and influences. 

Latest news

On Thursday 15 July 2021, the group met with Jeremy Miles MS, Minister for Education and Welsh Language.

The Minister provided members with an outline of his plans for education and qualifications.  Members were given the opportunity to interact with the Minister in an engaging question and answer session.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 14 September 2021.