Learner Advisory Group

Our new Learner Advisory Group is being established to help influence qualifications in the future.

Applications to the Group have now closed.

We’re now in the process of shortlisting applicants for interview over the coming weeks, ready for our Welcome meeting at the end of March.

What will the Learner Advisory Group do?

The Group will help us talk to learners and understand what they need from us.
We want members of the group to challenge us, as well as supporting us in our work. This will help us give learners the information they need about qualifications.

The group will be made up of 10-14 learners, who will be part of the group for two years. Members should be:

  • between the ages of 14 to 21 years-old 
  • in education and studying a range of qualifications (including vocational qualifications, GCSEs, AS and A levels and the Welsh Bacc)
  • from different types of backgrounds and education settings (such as colleges, schools, private candidates), and include different types of learners (such as Welsh-medium learners and those with Additional Learning Needs).

We’ll be recruiting members from across Wales. Before the first meeting, we’ll hold a ‘Welcome’ session for the group, where members can get to know each other and learn more about the group.

How and when will the group meet?

Our meetings will be held online, using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, outside usual school and college hours.

Meetings will last no longer than two hours. The annual minimum requirement for each member is eight hours.

The first group meeting will be held on 29 March, and the others will be held in May and October 2021. Occasionally, we may ask for extra catch-ups with the group, if we need more time to discuss activities. These meetings are optional, although we do encourage everyone to take part, so that they're involved with new pieces of work and can catch up with other members.