Tender Opportunity for Supporting our Public Consultations

Qualifications Wales has launched a series of public consultations seeking views on the reform of qualifications taken by learners at 16.

We are using the findings from each consultation to inform and support the development and reform of qualifications. The first consultation (Phase One) set out our vision for future qualifications. It outlined the key guiding principles that we proposed should shape the future qualifications offer. The first consultation was launched by QW in November 2019 and closed in February 2020.

A second consultation (Phase Two) will take place at the end of this year, further consultations may also be required in future.

We are currently tendering for a supplier to support us in delivering this and possibly other public consultations over the next three years.

This opportunity is advertised on  www.sell2wales.gov.wales 

Tender documents are available online at  https://etenderwales.bravosolution.co.uk/  itt_82078 - Public Consultation Support

The deadline for submitting a response is August 10th at 10am.