Pre-tender engagement opportunity for the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales (level 3) qualification

On 23 February 2021 we published an Intention to Restrict Notice in relation to the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales (level 3) qualification.

We are now keen to engage with awarding bodies that may be interested in the opportunity to develop and award this qualification through a concession contract.

We have sent a letter containing relevant information to the Responsible Officers of awarding bodies recognised by Qualifications Wales. Awarding bodies who wish to participate in pre-tender engagement will find the instructions here.

We have published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to initiate pre-tender engagement with awarding bodies interested in the opportunity to develop this qualification on Sell2Wales and Find a Tender:

View Notice - Sell2Wales (

We will be arranging Teams meetings with potential bidders to take place between 28 April and 14 May. The information that we gather will be used to inform the development of the contract specification which would be used if we decide to proceed with the procurement process. 

We ask that awarding bodies interested in participating in the pre-tender engagement confirm their interest by Friday 30 April 2021, but preferably sooner. If additional information is required, please direct your inquiries to

Should we proceed to the formal procurement process, we will publish another notice. We anticipate that this will commence in June 2021. Eligible organisations that do not participate in the pre-tender engagement will still be able to participate in any subsequent tender exercise.