Strategic Priority 2

A quality-assured supply of qualifications, so that learners in Wales take qualifications that are valid with outcomes that are fair and reliable, and are respected widely as a result of rigorous independent regulation.

Our aim is to ensure the quality of qualifications throughout their lifecycle.

We do this by making sure that qualifications meet the required standards, and if this isn’t the case, we take action. We maintain appropriate regulatory relationships with awarding bodies, and we monitor new qualifications and their outcomes closely.

Our key achievements in 2015-16 include:

  • Developing a robust process for considering the recognition of awarding bodies;
  • Increasing the level of monitoring for high-stakes qualifications;
  • Successfully implementing a rigorous process to Approve reformed GCSEs and A levels for first teaching from 2016;
  • Overseeing the successful award of the summer GCSE and A level examination series;
  • Reviewing the new Welsh Baccalaureate.