Legislation and Accountability

First and foremost, we are a regulator, established through legislation.

Our core purpose is set out within Part 2 of the Qualifications Wales Act (2015) which specifies our principal aims and, therefore, our mission:

  1. ‘ensuring that qualifications, and the qualification system, are effective for meeting the reasonable needs of learners in Wales;
  2. promoting public confidence in qualifications and the Welsh qualification system.’


Our role is broader than that of a conventional qualifications regulator.  For example, we have powers to commission new qualifications and to restrict the range of qualifications offered, and we support Welsh-language assessment and the qualifications system by issuing grants.  We have an interest in the potential for innovation within qualifications and the qualifications system to meet future requirements, which means that we both seek opportunities to be innovative ourselves, and wish to be supportive of awarding bodies when they innovate.

This extended role has many benefits, but when undertaking this type of work, we will always consider the potential impact on our core regulatory role.


We are accountable to the people of Wales through the National Assembly for Wales.

We report to the Assembly every year on how we have fulfilled our functions, and how we plan to carry them out in the future.