Who we are

Qualifications Wales regulates qualifications, other than degrees, in Wales. We were established in August 2015 through the Qualifications Wales Act, and assumed our duties and powers in September of that year.

We regulate qualifications that are developed and delivered by the awarding bodies that we recognise. When an awarding body is recognised, it must comply with the rules that we set.

We are an independent statutory body, funded by the Welsh Government. This means that we make our own decisions about qualifications and provide independent expert advice to others. It also means that we oversee the standards to which qualifications are awarded, independent of influence from others.

We are accountable to the people of Wales through the National Assembly for Wales. We report to the Assembly every year on how we have fulfilled our functions, and how we plan to carry them out in the future.

Working with a wide range of organisations, we monitor the compliance of awarding bodies, review existing qualifications, oversee the design of new requirements and support the qualifications system. Through this work, we ensure that learners, practitioners and the public in Wales can be confident that qualifications, and the qualifications system, meet their needs.