The main purpose of our Board is to make sure that Qualifications Wales meets the requirements of its Principal Aims as set out in the Qualifications Wales Act 2015, and to ensure the delivery of our strategy.

The Qualifications Wales Board is made up of the Chair, Chief Executive and between eight and ten members. Its role is to:

  • Provide effective leadership for Qualifications Wales; defining and developing strategic direction, and setting objectives;
  • Provide effective leadership for the operation of the organisation; holding the Chief Executive to account for ensuring that Qualifications Wales’ activities are conducted efficiently and effectively;
  • Monitor performance to ensure that Qualifications Wales fully meets its aims, objectives and performance targets; and
  • Promote high standards of public finance; upholding the principles of regularity, propriety and value for money. 

The Board meets five times a year, and has additional Board Development Days as required. We publish minutes of our Board meetings; they are available here.

Board member conflicts of interest

Board members have completed a conflicts/declarations of interest form. We publish a register of Board interests, which can be viewed here.

The Chair of Qualifications Wales 

The Chair of Qualifications Wales, David Jones, answers to the National Assembly for Wales for our activity and conduct, and the exercise of our statutory functions as set out in the Act.

The Chief Executive and Accounting Officer 

As Accounting Officer of Qualifications Wales, the Chief Executive (Philip Blaker) is personally responsible for:

  • The proper stewardship of the public funds;
  • Day to-day operations and management of Qualifications Wales; and
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements of ‘Managing Welsh Public Money’.