Qualifications Wales: Data Project

From 2017/18 academic year onwards, the responsibility for publishing statistics for general (GQ) and vocational qualifications (VQ) in Wales has transferred from Ofqual to Qualifications Wales. We have responsibility for collecting data on GQs from the November 2017 awarding series. Work is on-going to transfer the responsibility of VQ data collection. In the meantime, Ofqual will continue to collect VQ data on our behalf.

General Qualifications

Following our consultation on the design of templates and the schedule for data collection in Wales, we made the decision to use Ofqual templates and match to Ofqual’s collection schedule where possible.  This decision will remain for the period of qualification reform in Wales, which runs until Autumn 2019.  We will have reviewed our position by the start of the first quarter of 2020. 

Data Submissions

Data collection templates should be submitted to us using our data collection page on QiW.  The QiW guidance document at the bottom of this page will provide further information about the collection process.

We produce statistics on entries for general qualifications regulated by us from centres in Wales.  Therefore, entries data submitted to us should include all regulated general qualifications offered.  Please note this could include entries for general qualifications that are not listed on QiW.  If you do not have entries in Wales for a particular series, please indicate so by selecting the ‘nothing to report’ tickbox on QiW.

Our schedule for collection of general qualifications in 2017-18 is attached at the bottom of this page.

Vocational Qualifications

We will be taking a bit longer to consider the templates that we want to use for data on vocational qualifications.

In the meantime, Ofqual will continue to collect VQ data covering Wales. We will be using this data to publish statistics on vocational qualifications in Wales for certifications for the October-December 2017 quarter onwards.

We will keep the web-site updated with our plans, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the project mailbox.

Data security and governance

Our internal Data Protection Policy outlines information about our information and security protocols.  Detail included in the policy covers:

  • GDPR principles and definitions
  • personal data inventory, categorisation, retention and transfer
  • accuracy
  • privacy notices and rights
  • data security
  • responsibilities
  • training
  • notification of personal data breaches.

If you would like additional information about our policy and protocols, please contact the data project on the following address:

Data project mailbox: dataproject@qualificationswales.org

Submitting data collection files on QiW

General Qualifications Reporting Schedule 2017-18